Santa's Smile... How is yours??

Santa's Smile... How is yours??

by Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer,
9 November 2010 @ 01:21

Santas! Take a good, hard, objective look at your photos with the children.
(Not your posed, publicity photos.)

When working with children, you never know when that flash will go off.

Are you always ready with the perfect Santa smile?
That’s your job, “to be ready”, after you’ve greeted and posed the children properly.  

One of the biggest reasons many Santa Claus (es) are NOT selected by clients for their Christmas events- whether they are home visits or huge advertising campaigns, is YOUR SMILE.
(It’s not the beard!)  

How does your smile look in 20 of 20 candid photos?

Much like a superficial beauty contest, a client selecting a Santa Claus for their Christmas gathering, is most often based upon the visual appearance.    

Being a great Santa Claus should always start on the INSIDE, but selecting a Santa Claus is subjective.  

Getting selected to be Santa for more events makes it more fun and rewarding!
The little things all add up!

Here is a great Professional Santa Claus tip…If your teeth need dental work to straighten, add missing teeth, correct defects, etc… save up and get the work done as soon as possible!!!!
One simple thing you can do, for under $50, is whiten your teeth.
(Do no try to hide your teeth with your mustache!) Our last blog talked about one “Norman Rockwell” characteristic of a good looking Santa is his little red lips!  

Besides, if your mustache is hiding your mouth, you could look more like a walrus than a Santa.  Your mustache should always give the long distance outline of a smiley face… not drawn downward,
bringing the attention UPWARDS towards your sparkling eyes.  

Smoking, drinking coffee, soda or tea will yellow your teeth. Yellow teeth, against a snow white beard, are even more evident of looking “old” and worn. Do whatever you need to to create a bright, white smile. It is a good example for the children to whom you are reminding to brush their teeth, for you, Santa Claus, to have nice, white teeth.     
Go online TODAY! Find and Download a coupon for a whitening kit. If you start now, within 3 weeks, your teeth should be 6-7 shades whiter! It’s safe, fast and an inexpensive addition to the funds you invest in your outfit to be a great Santa Claus!

Susen Mesco
Master Santa Claus Trainer since 1983!

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