Santa Claus Beard Bleaching Basics Part 2

Santa Claus Beard Bleaching Basics Part 2
by Susen Mesco of Professional Santa Claus School Conference, Denver, CO USA
on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 8:22pm
So you don’t scare easily and you are not currently raising a teenager?… Hmmm! You may be forced to bleach your hair or beard silver / white, until nature takes over.

Here are the basics of the salon science of bleaching your Santa Beard, followed soon by Part 3,  Santa Beard Bleaching DO’s and DON’TS….

Bleaching scientific Salon Basics for Santa Claus’ White Beard:

o The condition of the hair makes a huge difference in the success of the bleaching process. Start NOW with the diet & supplements recommended in Part 1 of this blog series.

o Trim hair 2 weeks prior to bleaching and tinting.

o Spend several weeks, after trimming & before bleaching using a deep conditioning hair 2-3 times week, with a high quality hair mask. (We have an excellent brand that has been working miracles for our Santas for 2 years. Contact us 303-665-8280, for details and wholesale pricing.)

o The cuticle is the outer layer of scales which lay down in layers to protect the hair. The inner layer of the hair, contains melanin (your hair color.)

If you have sandy, or light brown hair, you may wish to FIRST try COLORING YOUR HAIR  (NOT BLEACHING IT!) Sounds strange but true...  Putting color IN rather than stripping the color out of your hair. Try a light / white "ASH" (platinum) blonde. You may have better, even great results! 

Follow coloring your hair by using a "GLOSSER"  about a week to 10 days later. A GLOSSER, is like the clear coat that protects the paint on your car or truck. It puts a layers of clear shine onto your hair. Sally beauty supply sells glosser... Around $10.

If this did not work as well because you have super black hair... then doing several bleachings may be in order. DO ONLY 1 BLEACHING in a 7-10 day period! DO NOT use the blue/purple shampoo between bleachings!

o The developer is the base chemical that opens the hair cuticle to allow the bleach to reach the pigment.

o Hydrogen Peroxide or Ammonium Persulfate are the standard “bleaching” agents that oxidize (render colorless) the melanin (pigment molecules) inside the hair strand. Most over the counter products / department store, consumer, hair coloring brands, contain the more damaging AMMONIA compound. 

USE DEVELOPER FOR SENSITIVE SKIN, as you may be doing more than 1 bleaching. 

o  Add a packet of artificial sweetener to your bleaching solution to cur down on the burn. 
o Be sure you breath through your mouth. Put cotton up your nose to avoid fumes.

o Numerous bleachings ruin the cuticle, making it unable to lay back down to protect the hair strand, thus hair breakage from this damage occurs. So... use a professional grade DEEP CONDITIONER (ReNu- available wholesale to all Santas via Pro Santa Claus School,) in the 10 days between bleachings.

o Hair may appear YELLOW after bleaching due to the keratin protein’s natural color not being completely oxidized. It is better to use a lower solution that is gentler on your hair. The yellow is NOT caused by the chemicals. This then, may require a second bleaching 7-10 days later. Try tint rinsing FIRST - BEFORE you bleach a second time! For most bleach users, tinting the hair a shade of blonde conceals the yellow. But Santa, needing his beard white/silver, often requires the second bleaching if the bluing tint rinse (not purple shampoo!) doesn't work!

PLEASE don't try covering the yellow with sprays or clown white sticks... they only flake off and look much too white. You are at the Pro level of your career, your beard needs to look 100% great!
o Due to the bleaching, the hair strand is now 500% more porous & delicate. Immediately after “bleaching,” use ONLY a neutralizing PH Shampoo to stop the oxidation process. Follow with numerous deep conditioning hair mask treatments, 2-3 times per week for 20-60 minutes to soothe the cuticle of the hair shaft.

o After the hair has been “bleached” a tint (color) should be put back into the hair, 7-10 days AFTER the final “bleaching.” You can use a CLEAR GLOSSER if your hair came out as white as you'd like it. if not, use the lightest "ASH" (Platinum) blonde. This will again lay the cuticle back down, to protect the hair strand. Don't buy the cheapest product available. Find the one with the least ammonia!

o Using a “bluing” shampoo immediately after bleaching is NOT recommended! Wait at least 2 weeks! The hair strand is too porous within the week after bleaching & may turn your hair / beard purple. Use Cowboy Magic's "Shine In Yellow Out" BLUE shampoo for white horses. It is a product for humans, too. Check with your local feed/tack store to order for you if they don't have it in stock!

o Every head of is different, thus there is not one set procedure that will work best for ALL hair colors or types.


Susen Mesco
Master Santa Claus Trainet Since 1983


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  3. Thank you. I'm serious about getting a great looking white beard, and you've given me the benefit of years of experience. I will now proceed - cautiously - Bill in Minneapolis

  4. Very informative and thank you for sharing! I have to agree with you that natural skin treatments are better for our skin because they generally are safer and does not cause skin irritation. The common misconception most people have about charcoal is that they can cause skin darkening and does not realize the importance and help it can provide for our skin. skin bleaching.

  5. Ok i am new to this and just got my hair and beard bleached and they did two bleaching one right away and after the first round it wad strawberry blond and after the second it is now yellow. Now between the two bleachings she used a purple shampoo, so that being the case what do i do next to get it from yellow to silver/white?

  6. Any suggestions on a trusted professional colorist with beard experience?

  7. So this blog helped me out a lot. It took 7 bleachings and one light ash toner to get me to be Santa. Thanks for all the hints!

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