PART 3- Pro Santas using Social Media…(Facebook Personal Page)

PART 3- Pro Santas using Social Media…(Facebook Personal Page)
Continuing Educations and Information 
for serious New and Veteran Professional Santas 
based upon level 1 core curriculum from 
Professional Santa Claus School (PSCS) of Denver Colorado. 
Founded in 1983 
to support great men with great hearts (Real Santas!) in maintaining a great tradition.

Our last 2 posts covered using Facebook... specifically, PART 1 covered Santas setting up a "Fan" page as your business page for your Santa Claus business for your clients and PART 2 covered having a Santa Claus “Friend” page to connect with other Santas and the Santa Industry… 
Now we talk about YOU…. just plain, human, wonderful YOU!

OK… Here is the last page you'll have on Facebook… 

  • Your  "human" page… Joe Smith… 
  • Again, a “FRIEND” page where you’ll connect with anyone OUTSIDE the Santa community- friends, family, business associates, neighbors, classmates, politicians, political parties, busty bikini babes in the spiked heels, and children (who aren't supposed to be on FB!) and teens… basically any other “mortals.” 
  • Your profile photo on this page, is of you, NOT in any sort of Santa hat or dress.  Perhaps fishing or golfing or on your motorcycle. Even you, years ago in your military uniform or your high school or college pics... Anything EXCEPT any form of YOU, related to Santa Claus (aside from here, you may be a guy with a white beard.)
This is where you let the whole world know;
Who YOU think should or should not be President. 
You cheer for your Superbowl and March Madness favorite teams,
You announce your dog has had puppies, 
You complain about your neighbor’s tree growing into your yard, 
You give us your views on gun control, birth control and pest control. 
ANYTHING and EVERYTHING a child would expect Santa to NOT to be involved/comment about.
Your image “as Santa” (and ours!) is not at stake! 
Go ahead! Share an off color joke, swear word or risqué / gruesome  pics. 
Be your “human” self. 

Plain ol' Joe and I don't mean J.O.E. = Jolly Old Elf !

Keeping your Santa and human persona SEPARATE will bring you much dignity and success in your career as a professional or future professional Santa Claus. 

It will also afford you the ability to express your real thoughts, political views and controversial issues, apart from your Santa persona, keeping YOUR Santa persona pristine, not associated with any one thing or ideal that will turn off 50% of your viewers.

One more thing… I am very unclear and somewhat baffled by all the “ELF” profiles that have popped up over the past 18 months on Facebook. Hmmm?

Since most of the “ELF” profile photos and their posts use cartoon profiles, I have a sneaking suspicion that some parents are allowing their children to have FB pages under this "Elf" guise because of their desire to interact with Santas... Do these parents really know how many Santas are on Facebook…   
Elves = Children? Teens? or Adults having fun? I just do not know! Do you?

Hopefully, it is adults, having fun, finding a way to get in on the Christmas scene if they aren't Santas or Mrs. Clauses. Then... That's great!

In "real" life, Santa is associated with the ELVES he hand selects to work with him at the North Pole. Santa KNOWS who he has working with him in that scenario...
BUT...FB does not allow any real discovery process to know if you are “friending”; an adult having fun or a child/teen. The mischievous "Elves" aren't being very savvy about posting accurate elfin information with their cartoon personalities... Use caution!

So, you need to make a rather tricky decision when/if  “friending” these cute "ELVES." Seems like a good idea ... Santa connected to Elves... but since we really don't know... My suggestion is let the Elves have their own little community unless you KNOW the persona behind the cartoon! Better safe than sorry, though! You have to make that decision for yourself on your "Santa" Friend page. On your personal page... Friend away to everyone... Even these mysterious "Elves."

Using these same suggestions (in Parts 1-3) with your Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest and other accounts would be considered prudent, ethical and professional.

Please feel free to leave us YOUR comments, ideas and tips 
for using Social Media tools as Santa Claus! 
We'd love to hear from YOU!

See you at the Santa School Conference this fall!

Susen Mesco
Master Santa Claus Trainer since 1983!
31st Professional Santa Claus School Denver, CO
August 30 – September3, 2013


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