Great Visits with Santa Claus (Part 3)

For Santas: Great Visits with Santa Claus (Part 3)

by Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer,

We talked about Santa understanding the child and Santa visit settings, now on to Santa’s interaction with the child.
  • If you understand children… you will have as much fun as they do during the holidays.
  • Watch Saturday morning cartoons to understand what is important to them as well as learning the “hot” new toys they will be asking for.
  • LISTEN!  What is the child trying to say to you… not just the “List,” but important things they have to share with you. Let them tell you. It may take some patience and creativity to figure out what they are saying but it is worth it!
  • Your conversations should be realistic and engaging. Different with each child. Much like cocktail party chat at an adult party but about childhood things. What do children talk about? Take the time to think about this!
  • What props do you as Santa, incorporate into your portrayal? Props are very important to help  the child connect with Santa into quality interactions.
Share with us the props that help to make YOU the most effective Santa Claus in your area….?????????

Susen Mesco
Master Santa Claus Trainer since 1983!

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