Santa Claus… Little Touches of Perfection!

Santa Claus… Little Touches of Perfection!
by Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer, 
Professional Santa Claus School Conference, Denver, CO 
September 22, 2010 at 9:19pm

Santa Claus… Every Santa Claus is intrinsically unique… so why do 80% of them all wear the same exact outfit?
There are ways that you can add touches, to your $100 -$2500 outfit / costume / Santa suit, to make it look unique. Back in 1983, I started helping Santas create individual looks that mesmerized the children with dozens of special, unique and creative touches that were easy and inexpensive.

Special little touch on the fur of your hat… Gloves other than white… Brocade ribbon on your cuff or bottom above your fur. The golden sleeves of a long sleeved turtleneck showing at cuffs,  where there usually is furry bare skin… How about a more comfortable sash belt in gold, bronze or chocolate brown rather than a vinyl belt? Some Santas put jingle bells on their boot tops. This can be great for parades but be distracting when trying to do visits with the children or taping a video. (All these ideas are under $30 to customize your Santa look!)

Don't overdo it with the mustache wax or styling your mustache. Focus will be on your mustache rather than your interaction with the child if you over curl or have your mustache looking like a crazy cowboy or "Snidely Whiplash." 

Send us YOUR ideas of how YOU customized your Santa look!
What kinds of props do YOU use? Props are fun and can add to your Santa portrayal as well as appearance. Add more props into your Santa toy bag for more fun as Santa and more fun for your audience.

The very best drawings & photos have one little touch that no Santas seem to think of… It is Santa’s cherry red lips peeking through under his mustache and above his snowy white beard!
Too often Santas will rosey out their cheeks (and look a bit too “tipsy”). Pinch your cheeks a few times every now & then for a natural look but forget using too much rouge!

Are your eyes sunken or have dark circles underneath... Concealer in one shade lighter will make you look much better and photos will come out great! Be sure to blend well with sponge applicator.
Powder lightly to "set" (keep make-up in place during long days.) 

Go for lips that show through your beard & mustache for a look that is storybook!
The darker your lips are, the whiter your beard and teeth will look!
Try a nice light rose or dark pink matte lip polish of some fashion (no shine or pearl/glitter effect) for your lips. There are marvelous new lip “stains” that last for hours available. For under $10, you can have lips that complete the look of Santa and balance the rosy cheeks. Lipstain is not at all like lipstick. It’s dry not greasy. It lasts for 8 hours and looks and feels great! Ask your wife or teenage granddaughter for their favorites!

Lips like cherries… Better than the nose looking like you’ve had too much sherry!
More soon on Santa’s pretty mouth! 

 Don't forget to whiten your teeth to eliminate stains or yellowing.  If your teeth are yellow and your beard and fur are white, the yellow of your teeth will be more apparent. If you elect to follow your Santa Claus career to new heights, having dental work to straightened or correct your teeth, are well worth your investment to get the higher paying or profile events / gigs.

Susen Mesco
Master Santa Claus Trainer since 1983!

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