Santa Setting Creates Great Interaction for Children

Santa Claus Visit Setting to Create Great Interaction
by Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer,
Friday, April 9, 2010 at 5:53pm

Most Santas never think of getting involved with the client or presenter to talk about the Santa Claus setting where children will have their visits. IF YOU CAN, spend some time meeting with the person in charge to help design a effective and efficient Santa Claus set.

Here are a few tips:
What will the child see as they approach the set? 
Get on your knees and look at it. Are lights shining in their eyes like an uncomfortable interrogation setting?Is Santa “hidden” from the child’s view until they need to climb onto your lap?  

If children can watch and get familiar with what is going to happen and spend time watching other children having an enjoyable time, the panic situations will certainly decompress.

If the chair is elevated too high it can be intimidating. One or two steps up to a 16″ riser is plenty. Having to go up to a strange place is intimidating and foreign. Climbing stairs is not very fun for little ones. Parents struggle to get shopping carts or strollers up.Is the entrance and exit designed to move the traffic smoothly?

Is there enough room for the photographer or parents to back up a bit safely and take a photo?

Is music too loud?

What is there for the children to do while they wait to see Santa Claus. Just waiting in line can make anyone cranky?

How is the Santa Claus chair or throne designed? Is it comfortable for both Santa and the child to sit upon. Some of the most elaborate chair are the worse. A high back coronation chair with carve arm rests leaves no room for the child to sit or lean. Santa can’t be comfortable sitting there for too long. (Bring a pillow and cover it with velveteen cloth.)

Sleighs sound like a very Santa Claus like setting to place a Santa (to the event coordinator or presenter.) They can be dangerous to get in and out of, as well as difficult to take photos without the sleigh actually getting in the way. They are awkward and either too small or large for the task. Charming for some things but not always conducive to efficient Santa visits. (Sorry but it is true in most cases.)

The Santa Claus visit setting can play a major role in the quality of your visit. Be sure yours make it fun and enjoyable for the children.What was the WORSE or BEST Santa set you ever worked in?
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