Santa Claus Responds to Hard Economic Times

Santa Claus Responds to Hard Economic Times 

4 December 2011 
by Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer,
Professional Santa Claus School Conference
Children at Santa School, selecting "the Real Santa Claus"

For the past 2 weeks I have been answering press questions, doing radio Live On-Airs and TV interviews about “… How American Events is going to be changing our Professional Santa Claus School Conference seminars (August 31-September 4, 2012) to “deal with” the current economic hard times?”

Well, actually, we do not have to change anything! For 30 years American Events’ PSCS, Professional Santa Claus School in Denver, has been training Santa to be extremely sensitive to family budgets in any economy! Santa has raised his family of elves and understands, that often, not everything on that long list is a possibility- in good times or in the tough economic times of today, as in many times in the past!

This is NOT Santa’s first depression or recession! Santa knows how very hard things are for everyone again this year! And again this year, as in many times in the past, Santa has had his heart broken, or his jaw dropped by the requests that come across his lap/desk!

Whether Santa has participated in formal Santa training or is working as an independent…  Santa needs to have as much COMMON SENSE and COMPASSION, as he has fur, belly & whiskers! When Santa attends our school, we discuss budgets. Even The North Pole is run upon a budget! Feeding the elves, new shoes for all those reindeer, heating bills despite the new solar panels on all the buildings, baking supplies for Mrs. Claus, etc… Even Ol’ Santa is feeling the crunch again this year! Santa KNOWS how tough things are for everyone! This should be apparent in every visit he has with his dear little ones!

KEY POINT: Keep up the suspense and respect any gifts that parents may or may NOT  “approve” for Santa to deliver!
KEY POINT: Parents really appreciate having Santa repeat the whispers of the children ALOUD enough for parents to hear. (Parents would not want to buy something that Santa is already planning on possibly bringing! )

Ideas for Quality Santa responses…
My sleigh is pretty full already… That’s a fairly long list Ashley/Eddie! Which ONE item would you most like to receive?”
“Santa will see what he can do…”
“… Santa would love to bring you that! But… some important parts are back-ordered in our electronics department. I don’t know if they will arrive in time for my elves to build all those I-Pads/ X Box 360s /Wii s. I’ll try my best….”
“Santa has a special gift for you that Santa KNOWS you will love. It’s a surprise! You”ll find out on Christmas what it is!”
“Good choice Marcus! Santa has been getting many requests for that!  I’ll need to check my inventory!”
“Santa will see what he can do… Santa doesn’t want to ruin your surprise!”
“Santa already has your gift already loaded on my sleigh… It’s a great gift but it’s a secret! You’ll find out soon!”
Children change their minds quite often about what they ask for… The ever evolving “list.”
Some children have a list of just ONE thing they have their heart set upon. This can become a bit more of a dilemma…
“Santa will try very hard, but I can’t share my secret of the gift I’ve picked for you just yet…

A few well placed words about this is the season for GIVING…
“Santa would love to bring you all those lovely toys… I have many children all over the world. This is a time for sharing. Which items on your list would you like to share with another child?”
Children are resilient. Toys come and go! Attention span to one toy can be short. There are so many wonderful things about the holiday season that not getting one or several  items on the list, due to Santa being caught in the economic crunch too, most likely will not ruin their Christmas.
Perhaps parents can help by researching the pricing of these expensive items with their children. Then setting up a plan to teach the child about “saving” towards purchasing the item themselves.
When it comes to a child asking Santa for: a job for their father, recovery from a major illness, a winter coat, or money to pay the families heating bill… (which we are seeing more and more in this economy) more training is suggested for Santa.

Best advice to Santa… Think about the possibilities and realities of what could come across your lap, or desk this year, and every year, BEFORE you leave the North Pole to start your visits! We spend over 10 hours at Santa School helping Santa; create quality visits, answer impossible questions, be ready for the unexpected and polish his skills for guaranteed success in his career.

Susen Mesco, 
Master Santa Claus Trainer Since 1983       

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