Santa Industry Sex Offenders

What is the solution to this Santa Brotherhood blemish???
by Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer,
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 2:32pm

What do YOU think is the answer to solving this Santa Brotherhood blemish?
I found a very interesting article that all professional Santa Claus’ should be aware of.
It covers new laws prohibiting child sex offenders from ever dressing up as Santa Claus or clowns. For ethical Santas, and those working in the Santa Claus industry, at the “professional” level, this should be a law to rejoice over. 

The stereotypical mall Santa as portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton in “Bad Santa,” is so heartbreaking to those of us who truly strive year-round to make Christmas a magical time, guarding the tradition to pass along to the little ones.
  • We must all strive to raise and keep the ethical standards of our industry to impeccable levels.
  • This means maintaining our integrity year round in the community, watching every action we take around children whether we are dressed or just sporting our beards in public.
  • Profanity, anger, raised voice, road rage, snide remarks, wandering eyes CANNOT at any time be part of our demeanors.
  • Working closely together with our Santa community to sponsor new, quality Santas and train them into the brotherhood will eliminate the need for parents to have to settle for the guy down the street (or possible pedophile!)
  • Working with quality agencies that do require ANNUAL, NATIONAL BACKGROUND CHECKS be kept on file to validate and verify to clients booking a Santa, protects you and your information.
It is a disgrace that pedophiles abuse our brotherhood of Santas for their sick, self gain and preponderance of crimes against innocent children. If all of us work together, we can keep our industry clean, strong and ethical.

Read the entire article here:

Susen Mesco
Master Santa Claus Trainer since 1983!

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