Florida implements new Santa Claus LAW!

Florida implements new Santa Claus LAW!
by Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer,
on Monday, May 31, 2010 at 10:28am

Well praise sanity! Very interesting that this even had to become a “Law.” What has happened to common sense? But albeit, best that it is a LAW. May other states follow suit before the next holiday season. 

Responsible Santa Claus companies, such as American Events & Promotions, have taken it upon themselves to do FULL (birth to present date) NATIONAL background checks, since 1983, on every Santa Claus sent out into the field to interact with the public. I have never felt a speck of hesitancy in discussing with a Santa, reason(s) why he CANNOT be a candidate for working with children through our company. I am glad to work the “front lines” in eliminating those who might tarnish our industry. 

Afterall, the safety of the children and the integrity of our Santa profession is at stake. We must all be sure to protect the sanctity of our endeavors to spread love, laughter & joy.Important in this campaign are not only the Santa companies, but Santa-to-Santa organizations and even one on one with new Santas considering a career working with our precious children.

We must ALL remember, that even when the season ends, our (Santas, Mrs., Elves & Management) actions everyday; shopping in stores, behavior on the golf course, in restaurants and even in rush hour traffic, etc. are scrutinized and held to higher standards than the average “mortal.” We cannot let down our guard, it is an unwritten oath that we agree to when we take on the business or persona of “Santa.” 

Great Santas know that EGO has no place in the real world of Santa Claus. It is about others! NOT ourselves, when we elect to become Santa Claus or work in the industry with children. ALL of us need to live a life of integrity, set the example for good, protecting our profession, as a group, as holiday business owners, and as individuals is so very important to maintain the purity of the tradition we elect to propagate for the next generations. (more…)

Susen Mesco
Master Santa Claus Trainer since 1983!

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