Santa Claus Magic... Fairy Dust? Or Real Answers to Impossible Questions

Santa Claus and The LAST of the Modern MAGIC
by Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer 
at Professional Santa Claus School Conference, Denver, CO 
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 8:58pm

Santa Claus & “the fairy dust” 
Just what makes Santa Claus “MAGIC?”
After 28 years of training Santa Claus’, I have heard an awful lot of Santas squirming out of tough questions with the old “fairy dust” routine. My reindeer fly… I make it around the world…. I fit all the gifts into the sleigh… and some Santas even carry a little bag of glitter to toss about to prove they use “fairy dust.”

Today’s children NEED MAGIC in their lives! Children see violence on TV, hear way too much about sex, divorce, war, terrorists, school shootings, politics, the economy and kidnappings. We MUST REMEMBER that children today are exposed to all “reality” this without having the maturity of a “point of reference” to process it all properly. 5 year olds are running computers and needing cell phones- like we needed marbles, bikes and balls. Our world was our neighborhood. The world of children today is electronic, instant and global. They live in a very huge, very REAL world. 

Santa Claus is the last of the modern magic. The magic we present to these children needs to match their sophistication. Not that we should have them growing up any faster than they already are but… Santa HAS to be even more believable than back in the 40’s and 50’s. 

The idea of “fairy dust” may be cute but it is 100% a cop out. Just wait until they ask you to use it in front of them to do something fantastic and poof, all there is, is a big mess of glitter on the carpet. “Santa! Use your fairy dust to make ME fly!” Then what? Oops!

As you consider the many questions children have, will and may ask you, coming up with a magical, believable, perhaps relatively short but eccentrically complicated answer is so much more “Santa-like” from a 1310 year old, bearded, hero than sprinkling around some dime store glitter!

Creating a quality 3-D character of Santa Claus is so much more solid than relying on “fairy dust.”
It takes a LOT of forethought. You can do it! And You CAN do it better without the “fairy dust!” 
Enjoy being the very best Santa you can and being confident in answering those questions!

We teach a whole 2 hour segment and provide you with a FORMULA to answer ANY tough or impossible question (without the Fairy Dust!)

Spend a LOT of time thinking about possible questions and plausible answers until you have a formula of your own or acquire ours! YOU CAN DO IT!

Susen Mesco
Master Santa Claus Trainer since 1983!

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